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Before writing your book it is important to have a master plan. Your plan is going to take into account every thing from what your book is about to selling it.

The first step is deciding to write a book, then developing your master plan. Your master plan is going to take into account a lot of the following: What your book is about, then who you are going to sell your book too. The good news is we can break this down into two separate things: 1. Writing a book, and 2. How to sell your book.

What goes into writing your book? First make the decision, then deciding what your message is, what you want to share with other people. You must be an expert on your topic, for every word you write you must know ten words. Next, who is your target market? If you’re not sure about this you can ask yourself some of the following questions: Who would benefit most from reading your book? What is the value of your book and who needs it most? Now, you must figure out where to find these people. Make sure your book as at least 100,000 potential buyers.

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Gather all of your information that you will use to write your book. Write out all of your key points, then chapters, then decide what each chapter will be about. Organize your main points so the book flows easily and fluidly. Once your book is done now comes the editing phase. Don’t skimp out or cheap out here. Having a book with grammatical errors can break the book and even if its really, really good will hinder the word of mouth marketing.

Before your book is done, if you would like you can even start the same time you write your book, you will begin building a platform. A platform is going to be your marketing base. Even with the best book written book if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. Your book is a product, just like the Kindle, and if Amazon never marketed it you would never know about it.

What goes into marketing? Like most other products either talking to someone one on one who then tells another person and the cycle repeats. Or talking to another person and setting up traditional means of marketing. A website, a blog, social media accounts, paid advertising, profile accounts on social book sites, and more. All of the above and all of the items that were not mentioned could have individual articles written about them.

Before any advertising, networking, or talking / chatting online assuming you are going to publish your book electronically is your cover. As a matter of fact, the two biggest determining factors of having a successful Ebook will be the actual book and its cover. Do not skimp out on the book cover, unless you are a graphic designer – pay to have it done. Do not have your friend do it on the cheap – pay. It should not cost more than $100.

eBook Success Summation

Your website should be yours. Your own URL / domain name, your own hosting company. Not a subdomain, not a blog on Blogger or WordPress, not only a Facebook page – your own website. At the minimum make sure you have a blog and a easy submission form for peoples email addresses. Why? Two reasons: 1. To be professional, and 2. Its your website, it is an asset, you own it.
What goes into marketing and promoting your book? A lot. A general overview includes social media accounts, paying for advertising on social media accounts, if you don’t want to pay for advertising other avenues include finding forums, blogs, community groups, finding people with similar interests on twitter. If you’re going to go the free route it is essential that you do not “promote” your book, practice attraction, not promotion. For paid promotion I strongly suggest appealing to peoples vanity, let them know whats in it for them by reading your book. Will they be smarter, able to be healthier through diet or exercise, a happy distraction from reality, make more money – let them know succinctly and humbly.

Know that its easier to sell / market to people who will have an interest and benefit in reading your book.

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