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How to Write a Search Friendly Blog Post


chart_acceptHow to Write a SEO Blog Post

Would you like to learn how to write a SEO Blog Post?  The first step in writing a friendly SEO optimized article or blog post is to pick from your keywords, for example, the keywords for this blog are the title noted above.  Once you pick from your keywords you will name the the title of your post.  Then you will set your title as a H1 tag.  Search engines look at your H1 title/tag to determine what your article is about.  If you’re using WordPress use the drop down menu, if you need to do html coding before and after your title you will put <h1> <h1/>.   For example  <h1>How to Optimize your Blog Post<h1/>

You increase your chances of showing up on the front page of google when you’re H1 tag matches a search query.  The next things search engines look at are the H2 and H3 tags, following same steps above but change your keywords a little bit.  For example:

How to Write a SEO Blog Post easily

For your third H3 tag do the same thing over.

For your first paragraph you should have your keyword phrase at least once, its best to ask it in the form of a question (see my first paragraph) or making a simple statement.  Make sure to bold and underline your keyword phrases.  Google and other search engines acknowledge these as important and give you extra “points” for this.  Do not stuff your keywords into your post / article, write your article as you would a person, not to manipulate the search engines.  The reason for this is if people see your link and click through and see thats it’s gibberish they will leave your site and will increase your “bounce rate.”  If you have a high bounce rate – google will bounce you right off the front page!

How to Write a SEO Blog Post’s last paragraph

The last paragraph is very important and make sure you include your keyword phrase at least one more time, make sure it’s natural though.  By the way, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post on how to write a SEO blog post.  Make sure to upload optimized images to your articles and blog posts.  It’s best not to steal from google, if easier search google for “free royalty free images.”  When you upload your images to WordPress make sure you rename them with the same title as your article.  Once you rename the article make sure you insert the same title into the “alternate text box, caption box, and the description box.”  In WordPress and most other blogs you will see a Category section and a tags section, make sure to utilize them (see below).  Make sure your image has a link to the actual post!  Make sure you include links at the bottom and top of each of your posts so people can easily share!  The more people share the higher your google rankings go up!  I hope you enjoyed this article on how to write a SEO blog post and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, email me, or call me.


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