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How to Market Your eBook


When you know who your target market is and the benefits of of yourbook selling it will be much easier. Unfortunately “selling” has a negative connotation associated with it, however if you plan on making any money you’re going to have to market and advertise your book. Fortunately it’s 2014 and you can do both for free, for a nominal amount of money, for a lot of money or all of the above. Whatever you decide is up to you but before deciding how you are going to sell, market, advertise your book – whatever you would like to call it, there are three things you should take into account:

1. What is the benefit of reading my book?
2. Who will benefit from reading my book?
3. How do I appeal to peoples self interest?

There is a driving force behind what people do everyday, what makes them wake up, what they buy, where the go, and what they do. The force is their self interest. From here you must decide what is the value of your book, who will reap the most rewards from reading your book, and where can you find these people.

It’s important to remember that logic makes people think but emotion makes them buy. Keep people’s self interest in mind and the next time someone asks you what your book about – don’t answer! Instead realize that the person is asking you what is the benefit TO ME from reading your book. Take the focus off yourself and place your focus on satisfying the self interest of others. This will maximize your advertising efforts and will be further realized when you are selling to people who will get the most out of reading your book.

How to Find Your Target Market for Your eBook

An essential part to selling your book is establishing yourself as an expert. You wouldn’t go to an accountant for knee surgery and you wouldn’t go to a doctor for legal advice. Making personal decisions based on self interest leads us to be partial to who we trust and don’t. The other part of buying is who we like and don’t like. Make sure you position yourself as an expert and build credibility and in an ideal world (tough for authors) you want to be likable, friendly, outgoing, funny, and more. We buy from people we like and trust – be this person!

Part of being an expert is being able to help solve specific issues. If your book is about accounting for small businesses you are probably an accountant and know how to help small businesses set up their accounting processes and procedures. When you are an expert you build credibility which leads to comfort and confidence which leads to book sales.

All of your marketing, selling, and advertising should emphasize how you can improve your readers life. It is your responsibility to convince your audience your book is worth the investment. Your marketing space includes your websites, your social media posts, your book cover (front and back), your personal bio, your pamphlets and anything else you can think of. Your potential buyer is asking you, “If I give you my money and time what benefit will your book give me?” From here it is crucial to create a positive result and if you do this you will create word of mouth marketing.

To identify the benefit of your book you must determine how your book improves the life of your readers, will you help them sell more books, increase their income, distract them from reality for a few hours, help them learn how to lose weight. Next you will create specific mission statements, for example, I will help you sell more books, I will help you establish a book-keeping system, I will help you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. These brief mini mission statements will show your potential customer the return on investment and energy from buying and reading your book. Keep a list of separate statements that are short and succinct. Focus on the results that appeal to the largest segment of the population. As a side note – do not make any guarantees to avoid any potential lawsuits.

To appeal to your potential reader’s self interest you want to get the attention away from you as the author and redirect all focus on how you will improve the lives and conditions of your readers. People want benefits that will produce tangible results. The quicker you make people feel an emotional thirst for your book, the sooner they will buy it. Your mission is to answer people’s perpetual question, “what’s in it for me?”

If you look at advertising your book with an emphasis on helping people, in particular your target market, then your marketing your book will be much easier and more focused. If you fail to engage people and motivate their internal desire your selling will be a waste.

How to Market Your eBook Today!

In summation once you determine the benefits of your book and find your target market “selling” will be much easier. If you are looking for some places to start marketing your book once you realize your target market you can begin in some of the following places:   look for groups online, there are societies, online reader forums, book clubs, chat groups, social media pages, websites, blogs, professional or social organizations, religious groups, newsletters, hobby groups.

People are looking for hope, love, entertainment, health, money, spirituality, a distraction from their daily life, and so much more. If people buy your book and experience a positive result they will tell other people and will begin marketing your book for you. Your job is to fulfill a need, a want, or a desire and let people who will benefit from your service know about it. Your presentation is not about bragging and screaming “buy my book” it’s about showing people the benefits of it and how you can help them. From providing a service and helping people you will benefit, too. Whatever your mission is make sure you are passionate and enjoy it.

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