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How to Market Your eBook

When you know who your target market is and the benefits of of yourbook selling it will be much easier. Unfortunately “selling” has a negative connotation associated with it, however if you plan on making any money you’re going to have to market and advertise your book. (more…)


From Author to Entrepreneur

calculator_acceptFrom Author to a Entrepreneur!

News Flash!!!  Do you have a book?  Would you like to sell your book?  Well then you have a business and its selling your book.  If you’re selling your book then that makes you a sales person.  Your brand is you and your product is your book!  Do you have a business plan?  Do you know who your target market is?  What about a marketing strategy?  What’s your break-even point?If you don’t have answers to these questions you probably will not sell many books.  You might be an author, unfortunately and fortunately you are responsible for everything else once you have written your book. Regardless if you have a publisher or not! (more…)